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286 Durarara!! Anime Icons (All Kida Masaomi)

Shhh. I got impatient.

Put on your face and let's pretend these killing lights won't kill us all again. )
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74 Durarara!! Anime Icons (Episode 8)

When you scream my name and I take all the blame )
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62 Durarara!! Anime Icons (Episode 6)

Darling, sweet lover, won't you help me to recover? )
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125 Durarara!! Anime Icons (Episode 5)

This is the art of breaking. )
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23 Durarara!! Icons (Episode 4)

The episode refuses to play in full, so I could only icon half of it. Oops.

'Cause we're worlds apart but just the same )
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90 Durarara!! Icons (Episode 3)

I was a heavy heart to carry. )
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23 Durarara!! Icons (Episode 2)

Blame it on my ADD, baby. )
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52 Durarara!! Anime Icons (all Mikajima Saki)

All this and heaven too )
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50 Durarara!! Anime Icons (Episode 1)

I miss the lies and the pain. )
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15 Kida Masaomi
09 Orihara Izaya

Listen up, listen up, there's a devil in the church )

All icons from the Durarara!! doujinshi Lies and Truth.
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19 Amatsuki
11 Durarara!!
97 Hunter x Hunter
09 Lucky Dog
31 Sailor Moon

Hands high like a roller coaster )